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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do I have to attend a set number of club events or activities each year?
A- No, you may attend as many or few as you feel you wish to.

Q- Where are my subs spent?
A- They are spent on purchasing club equipment, funding club activities and club promotional material plus any other committee approved purpose.

Q- Do I need to live in Christchurch to be a member?
A- Not directly, we have members from North Canterbury to South Canterbury.

Q- Are there any restrictions on the type of boat I require, size etc?
A- No, as long as you own a motor boat you are welcome to apply for membership

Q- Is membership automatic once I complete my application and pay my subs?
A- No, your application must go through the committee however it is very rare to be turned down.

Q- Can I join with a friend?
A- Yes, however you will require separate membership applications

Q- Do I need a separate membership for my partner.?
A- No, The membership includes the immediate family and one boat.